How does Gmail Customer Service number help to recover missing emails?

Gmail is one of the best email services that you have ever heard in the past couple of years. Whether it is a student or teacher, professional or personal user, everyone is familiar with Gmail. At the time of using Gmail, the users come across many hindrances in technical form. Some users are frustrated because their email account is disabled, whereas some users are upset because they are not receiving emails. Apart from these issues, missing emails also rattles the users according to tech specialists at Gmail customer service number.


Gmail outrage is one of the key problems the users face but most of the users are not aware of it. They overlook. In the last outrage, thousands of Gmail users got affected. When the outrage happened, the users started to witness missing emails issue. On the meanwhile, there was chaos among the users. But on the positive note, that problems had been resolved. In this regard, the users are needed to stay updated with the latest Gmail updates.

Besides Gmail Outrage, there are some other causes of missing emails. Maybe you have accidentally deleted the emails and you don’t remember about it. Moreover, emails are moved into other folders. Filters and forwards can also be the reason why the emails are missing.

Following are some tips to recover missing emails;

Check your spam folder-the missing emails are supposed to move into the spam folder. The first step should carefully check the spam folder. If you find the missing emails in the spam folder, then click on the Report Not Spam option. The emails will directly move into your inbox folder.

Check trash folder- if you have accidentally deleted the emails, they actually don’t get deleted permanently. They move into the trash folder. So, go through the trash folder, select your emails, and finally click on Move to Inbox. The missing emails will automatically move into your inbox.

Check Archive- maybe you have archived the emails but you have not remembered. Go to the All Mail option. Here you will find all the emails in one place. By using the search button, you can find your missing emails.

Embrace Gmail customer service- in case nothing works out, the final alternative is to approach the experts at Gmail customer service number. You are supposed to get the solution to missing emails issue over the same phone call.

Issues with Gmail service are numerous, so it’s best for you to be prepared beforehand. It looks quite easy to fix some Gmail issues but often the users don’t get succeed to get rid of such issue on own. Therefore, getting in touch with Gmail Customer Care is essential.