How can you easily activate your Sbcglobal account with two-step verification?

Every day thousands of internet users create an account on Sbcglobal. If you also want to get started on Sbcglobal and avail of its services, then you have to create an account. To successfully create the account, dial Sbcglobal account activation number. When it comes to activating Sbcglobal account with two-step verification, the experts out there will help you out. Or you can do it on your own by getting idea from the below procedure. But let’s start with a short introduction to Sbcglobal.


About Sbcglobal

The free-email service developed by Yahoo, Sbcglobal is the biggest email service provider in the world with 1.4 billion users until April 2018.

With the time Sbcglobal has made several changes in the activation process with an aim to make it more secure for the users. Sbcglobal understands how the people rely upon Sbcglobal on personal as well as professional front. Therefore, seeing recent hacking incidents, Sbcglobal has decided to make the service more advanced and secured.

Procedure to activate Sbcglobal account with two-step verification

To ensure your Sbcglobal is safe to use and you should undergo two-step verification procedure. Meanwhile, make sure you have used the registered mobile number to get the verification code.

  • Open your Yahoo account,
  • Then Sbcglobal Settings> Accounts and Import> Change Account Settings> Other Yahoo Account Settings | Security
  • Click on 2-step Verification
  • Wait for a verification code to be sent your mobile, and then enter it in the box
  • Click ‘Confirm

Meanwhile, tech agents at Sbcglobal Account Activation Number will remain with you all the time so that if you face any issue anywhere you can quickly reach out to them.

How to simply create a Sbcglobal account?

  • You wait gets end as we have come up with how to create Sbcglobal account with ease.
  • Visit
  • Click Create Account.
  • The signup form will appear
  • Go through Yahoo's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,
  • Click the checkbox and then click Next step.
  • Here, you get an opportunity to set up recovery options
  • Your account will be created and Yahoo welcome page will appear.


Either you can make an attempt to create and activate your Sbcglobal account on own or get online assistance at Sbcglobal Account Activation Number so that you can quickly carry out the activation activity and start to use Sbcglobal.